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Lusha means “saffron” in Hindu ideology. As the name signify, Lusha is an authentic, traditional brand with its foundations in the ancient wisdom of extracting and using oils for various ailments. Lusha is home to the luxury of purity ensuring quality and nutrition across the all pillars of production and distribution.
At Lusha, Young Minds took the responsibility to provide you ethically sourced, hygienically processed, live, wholesome, natural products to retrieve the health by reviving the traditional method of extracting natural oils under the healthful conditions. Our cold pressed exotic; traditional edible oils and nutritionally speaking creamy nut butter spreads, first ever in India minimally live processed in a hygienic environment ensuring standards of maximum nutrients potency in front of your eyes
We took a pledge to revolutionize the industry pioneer by providing our customers safe, live, pure, unrefined oils, nut spreads and much more. Come and Explore the secrets of bygone era in our store. Our products are devoid of any additives, preservatives or chemicals.

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